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Nick Kyrgios Offers To Deliver Food To People's Doorsteps Who Lost Their Jobs And Can't Afford It Right Now

Over the last five or so months I've learned that tennis star Nick Kyrgios is about as real of a dude as it gets. My man was out here leading the charge during the Australian bushfire tragedy during the winter. I think something really clicked with him during that time and caused him to put everyone before him. The man is only 24 years old and is in a solo sport with millions of eyes on him. You can understand how the maturity process there could take a little while to settle in. He led the whole campaign for the ATP and WTA raising millions and millions of dollars for relief efforts during the Aussie Open. It's all he cared about. 

Now with the COVID-19 global pandemic unfolding before our very eyes Kyrgios is setting his sights on those who are without a job and can't afford food anymore. The Aussie is having people DM him where they live and is planning to hand deliver food to their door step in order to help them out. This isn't bullshit either. Nick is 100% going to do this and will want zero of the credit. You can hate him for his on the court antics of his past, but he's changed as a human being for the better. This is an awesome move. Hopefully he stays safe doing it and takes all the precautions. Good on ya Nick. 

Can't wait for tennis to come back and Nick to return to the court. He was playing out of his mind before the postponement of the season. Nick on the court is must watch.