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I Am Mad at One of ESPN's Sports Movie Lists Again

Last week, I was mad online at ESPN's list of the best coaches in sports movie history. This week, they're back with the three sports movies you'd keep out of nine — coincidentally the day after Lights, Camera, Barstool had a tweet with 10,000 likes doing the same thing, but whatever.

At first glance, at least this week's list is better than the coaches one. It's not good, but it's better. The only movies I would say have no business being on this list are Space Jam and Rudy. Space Jam is simply a bad movie and Rudy was offsides. The rest are at least defensible, although you will notice several Disney movies somehow made their way onto the list.

Now, in terms of omissions, Moneyball has to be on here. It's certainly a top nine sports movie and better than most of the titles on here. And although Space Jam is the only comedy on the list, having it invalidates any premise of not including other comedies and therefore makes it inexcusable for Major League not to be included, as well. Many people commented also clamoring for Hoosiers, which, while not my favorite movie, probably deserves to be on the list.

While I would have crafted a different list, I will say this one at least has enough power at the top of the lineup that it made me think for a second and leave off a film or two I enjoy. If I had to go off this list, the three movies I would keep would be Friday Night Lights, Remember The Titans and The Blind Side.

I'm not a Rocky guy. I watched Rocky III with BlackJack and it was good, but I definitely don't want to watch it eight more times or however many there are. I really like Coach Carter, but you can't have it in the top third of this group. Glory Road is only on there because it's a Disney property. My final pick came down to Miracle and The Blind Side, both of which I enjoy immensely. But in the end, I just couldn't pick against Southern college football.

So what movies would you have on the list that were left off and which ones would you pick out of those provided?


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