George RR Martin (Writer of Game of Thrones) Really, Really Hates Bill Belichick

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(Source)George R.R. Martin’s blog, last week – Some big big contests this weekend. In the NFL, it’s the divisional round. On Saturday, Baltimore is at New England …. Of course, I will be rooting hard for the Ravens to defeat Evil Little Bill and his Patriots. Hey, they are named in honor of Edgar Allen Poe, a fellow writer… and while it is true they beat my Giants in a Super Bowl once, it’s been a long time, I forgive them.

If you don’t watch “Game of Thrones” or are just a casual viewer, you might be surprised to find out that the literary genius behind the most celebrated and talked about TV show of our time would have a hair across his ass for Bill Belichick. But, we uber-nerds who are familiar with George R.R. Martin’s work know there’s nothing new about this.

From Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire”:

“The galley was also where the ship’s books were kept… the fourth and final volume of The Life of the Triarch Belicho, a famous Volantene patriot whose unbroken succession of conquests and triumphs ended rather abruptly when he was eaten by giants.”

And from his blog on March 15, 2013:

“??Oh, and the Patriots … what a vile thing is Evil Little Bill. The way he treated Wes Welker is disgraceful. Man has absolutely no loyalty to anyone. Watch and see, when Tom Brady‘??s talents start to fade … and they will, it happens to all of them Evil Little Bill will ship him out as well.”





This is so perfect to me. Can’t even be mad for a single second. George RR Martin looks so much like the stereotypical internet commenter/hater that I’d be disappointed if he wasn’t sitting on his fat ass and dishing out top tier insults like “Evil Little Bill.” But the thing about George writing it is that even if “Evil Little Bill” sounds stupid and childish, I immediately imagine Cersei saying it while she swirls a glass of wine and all of a sudden I’m actually worried that someone is going to kill Bill. I know that sounds pretty out there but it’s just how it’s all playing out in my head. George RR Martin is just one of those guys whose bad side you don’t want to be on because he’ll kill everything and not give a fuck.