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T-Pain's Disappointment When Lil Jon Went On An Anti-Vaccine Rant Is Laugh Out Loud Funny

What a ten out of ten reaction from Tallahassee Pain here. I mean legit laugh out loud funny. The clear disappointment T-Pain has is perfect because 1, you can tell he'd been fearing this topic was going to come up all night, and 2, his voice is something you associate with falling in love with strippers or rhyming mansion with Wisconsin. Not an anti-vaxx discussion. 

But it's also the most relatable T-Pain has ever been. Since his rise to fame he's always been something of a caricature that you couldn't level with, but who hasn't been in these shoes? I'm not even talking anti-vaxx stuff, I just mean being out with a friend who you know has that one topic they're crazy about and you're just worried someone's gonna bring up something that triggers them and the whole night is ruined. It could be politics, movies, Tuukka Rask, whatever. There's just that monster in the corner of the room waiting to be activated. Like I picture every song T Pain put on he wasn't even really vibing, he was just silently praying that Lil Jon wouldn't go off on a rant. 

"I'm at the bar, bartenderrrrr. Ooooooo Jonpleasedon'tbringupvaccinessssssss"

I mean that was the purest "god DAMMIT" I've ever heard in my life. The night was going well, so well that Teddy Penderazzdown had forgotten it was even an issue until Jon got to his "I will say this..." As soon as Jon started that T-Pain's face dropped, he looked like he smelled a fart, and knew his worst fears were about to be realized.

PS - I'm not gonna listen to Lil Jon about all that anti-vaccine stuff but I am gonna see what this no hangover Vitamin C stuff is all about.