Dwyane Wade Wants To Talk To Aaron Gordon About Blatantly Robbing Him Of The Dunk Contest Title

Ah yes, the 2020 Dunk Contest. Remember that? It was back when we had sports in our life and I have to say it was actually one of then better dunk contests in recent memory. You may recall Aaron Gordon was robbed AGAIN because Dwyane Wade was a corrupt asshole who clearly cheated so he could crown a fellow Miami Heat player as champion. 

Now you could make the argument that Derrick Jones Jr did enough to win on his own, but everyone knows the deal. Wade went against the other judges and pulled some shady shit.

Wade couldn't have taken out his ear piece fast enough when all this went down. He knew what he did. We all knew what he did. Poor Aaron Gordon man, the guy throws up two of the best dunk contest performances ever and comes away empty handed both times. 

Which is why I hope he accepts Wade's invitation. Put his ass on the spot and let's see what type of lie Wade will come up with now. It was pretty sad watching him do it in real time back in February


Anything short of an apology to Gordon for his behavior is going to be a tough look for DWade since everyone knows he pulled some shady shit. You know Gordon deep down is still pissed about that night. He could barely contain himself after the event happened

so hopefully he rips into Wade. I'll be very disappointed if he goes on that IG Live show and is cool about the whole thing. It would be much better if he called Wade out to his face about whatever bullshit rationale he tries to use to justify his actions. Aaron Gordon is one of the best Dunk Contest participants we've ever seen. He's only 24 years old, we should have more Dunk Contest moments with him in our future but we don't, all because Wade was shady. That's some bullshit.