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Ohio State Fans Acting Like Typical Ohio State Fans Getting In Oregon Fans Faces For No Reason

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Couldn’t help but pass this video along. At the game as an unbiased Oklahoma state fan and had this gem sitting in front of us. 4 Oregon fans had a bad choice on ticket selection and ended up in the belly of the beast in the Ohio state section. The Oregon fans only mistake was cheering their team on the opening drive and touchdown. A mistake they dearly paid for from the guy in the Helsinki Olympics 1952 jacket, for the rest of the game. The Oregon guys won’t soon forget the 1952 Helsinki Olympics.


Unreal jacket from this Ohio State guy. Unreal jacket.  I want to hate it, but I actually like it.  As far as the rest of it goes this is pretty much what I expect from OSU fans. Nothing worse than dickhead fans like this. Like yeah give the guy the business but this is ridiculous. Poor Oregon guys flew all the way to Dallas just to have some inbreds from the weird parts of Ohio aggressively flipping the bird in his face and treating him like he’s part of ISIS. Fucking Ohio State fans…never change. It actually may be good in the long run that Oregon lost because if they won and these guys cheered they’d definitely get beat up.


PS – If Ohio State fans aren’t trying to start fights that probably just means they are all passed out in the bathroom in the 1st quarter….