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Lil Yachty Pays Fan $500 To Drink Urine

Dude I'm so bored right now I might drink some urine. Who cares at this point? $500 sounds nice right now. I mean that's nice anytime, but right now? Goodness gracious. $350 straight into coinbase.com and I proceed to go nuts. Bitcoins, litecoins, ripples, I want them all. You're probably thinking, "But Caleb, you still have over $100 left. Why not utilize your full purchasing power?" You haven't consider the possibility that I'm in debt. 

Anyway, did this guy die? If he did, that's sad but this is a survival of the fittest world and I'm not a dick for saying that. Survival of the fittest is a well respected theory in scientific circles. I'd be more of a dick if I implied that this guy died out of sheer bad luck. That's not bad luck my friend. Choices make a man. And drinking someone else's pee is a bad choice (in my book). But if he lived, like I said, $500 is pretty good and he's definitely got something to talk about at the dinner table. It was his sisters pee too. I'm sure she will be excited to learn that her waste became a bargaining chip for a cash influx for her family. You could say that her brother is flush with cash now because she didn't flush. Funny how the world works sometimes. One woman's waste is another mans treasure. 


I just read a Medical News Today article entitled, "Drinking urine: Are there any health benefits?" and it turns out there are actually not any health benefits to drinking urine. In fact, if anything, this guy is gonna have diarrhea. Shoutout to my uncle, Chaps.

Lastly, I don't fault Lil Yachty for this. I think its gross. But I also don't blame him for wanting to see someone else push the boundaries of traditional societal norms. All his fans can't be geniuses. Only some.