Coronavirus Positivity Update Of The Day - Ying Ying The Panda Has Finally Had Sex With His Girlfriend Le Le

Just a nice feel good story to start your week. I’m a big omen guy. And if you don’t think these 2 pandas fucking (naturally) for the first time in a decade of dating isn’t a sign the world is turning a corner then I can’t help you. My boy Ying Ying was in the friendzone for TEN fucking years and now he’s giving Le Le that good ass panda dick. Happy endings do exist, no pun intended.

Also I was today’s day old when I learned that Pandas actually suck at sex because they have tiny little dicks so this is huge news in the Panda Sex community. (Source, Billy Football tweeted it and I take all my scientific research directly from him).


I went looking for pandas having sex (don’t do that) and I stumbled upon this picture. Federal Crime City.

Suzanne Gendron (L) , Executive director of Zoological Operations and Education of Ocean Park and Wang Chengdong (R) , Director of Veterinary Service of the China Conservation and Research Cenre for the Giant Panda in Wolong show a video about mating proc