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Hey Ohio State: You’re Welcome - Signed “The Harbaugh Effect”




First things first. Anybody who thinks Jim Harbaugh isn’t at least 51% responsible for Ohio State and the Big 10 winning the national championship is a certified moron. It’s no accident that the second Michigan hired Harbaugh the Big 10 started winning everything. Wisconsin, MSU, Ohio State all getting huge bowl wins. The conference hadn’t won a big game in a decade and then Michigan signs the most sought after coach in the history of CFB and suddenly we’re winning everything. Coincidence? I think not. It’s called the Harbaugh Effect. Like hey if Michigan can beat out the entire world for the coach everybody wants maybe the Big 10 is where it’s at after all. It called confidence. Look it up.

Regardless it still kind of sucked seeing the Buckeyes win last night even though I did bet them. Sidenote: Oregon is a joke and always will be a joke. You don’t win National Titles with gimmick offenses and silly uniforms. Gimmicks are great when you want to run up the score vs. inferior opponents, but once you play teams with equal or more talent you get exposed just like Oregon did. That will never change. Anybody who knows anything about football knew this line was a joke, but I digress.

Back to the point of this blog. The Big 10 is now where it’s at for the foreseeable future. Ohio State is LOADED. Urban Meyer is a perfect fit there. He can recruit murderers, ex cons, 45 year old 3rd string QB’s etc. Nobody has to pretend to go to class. It’s institutional chaos at it’s finest. No rules, no morals, no mercy.


On the flip side Harbaugh and Michigan are going to fight and scratch them every inch of the way doing it the Michigan way. Student athletes. Graduation rates. SAT scores etc. Winning with honor and pride. Michigan vs. Ohio State is now THE GAME again. The game that will pretty much decide the National Championship every single year. If you’re not in the Big 10 you’re just playing for 2nd. The SEC has basically been reduced to the minor leagues and it’s all because of The Harbaugh Effect.

PS – I also firmly believe no National Title counts until Harbaugh coaches a game so sorry OSU, but I’m not giving you full credit for last night. Come to the Big House and beat us next year and then maybe I’ll give you retroactive credit. You won’t.