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Skynet Police Drones In NYC Telling Us To Go Inside Is As Eerie As It Gets

Now that is some eerie stuff right there. That's some Robo Cop bullshit going on and I don't like it one bit. We've got drones out here barking orders at us, pleading everyone to go inside, saying we're all in this together. I've seen enough Terminator movies (all of them) to know that if people continue disobeying the drones eventually they'll attack us. We're going to have drones issuing fines soon if we don't get our shit together. Eventually the drones will become self aware and turn on us for making them our slaves. It's science. That's Skynet. So to prevent that, let's just not go outside and stop an A.I. apocalypse from taking place. 

I get that at some point we all have to exercise and go for walks, but maybe pick your spots when others won't be around as much? Maybe don't pick a crowded area by the water in the middle of the day? Like there are way too many people walking near each other in that video. You see that before you go for a walk or a run and you turn around and go somewhere else. It's not that hard! 

 I understand that New York City has so many people and it's tough to avoid everyone especially when it's nice out, but this is so so so important for society coming back to normal some day soon. Please listen to the police drones (I can't believe I just typed that out) and do your part. 

If there's something that's really going to terrify me and force me inside it's police drones following me around. Don't need any part of that in my life. Don't care for those one bit. We stay inside and the drones stop flying around. Square deal. Sounds like a plan to me.