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Want To Cry Real Tears? Watch This 'New York Tough' Video That Governor Cuomo Posted Over The Weekend

I saw this over the weekend and wanted to save it for today because according to the experts, and sorry to bring this up but it's the reality of our situation, this week is going to be the toughest one yet for New York City. Thousands more lives will be forever changed due to coronavirus and all we can do is brace for impact. To be honest, it's terrifying. I'm scared. Every time a delivery comes to my door I wonder if the person delivering it has corona. Every time I walk out of the house to go to the grocery store I wonder if this is the time I catch it. Do I already have it? I don't have symptoms, but you don't have to have symptoms. Which is what makes it so scary in the first place- it's an invisible killer. This video though? This video gave me hope. It reminded me that the circumstances we're living in aren't forever. They're temporary. Remember that. So in the words of Governor Cuomo, if you're nervous like me...bring down that anxiety, bring down that fear, bring down that paranoia. We're going to get through it. Sorry for the mushy blog, but I loved that video. Makes me want to "run through a brick wall" if you will. Let's tackle the week. Ready to roll, kings.