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Bert Kreischer Meets Adam Sandler Over The Comedy Live Aid 2020 Stream And Geeks Out Just A TAD Too Much

Last night was Bill Burr's All Things Comedy Live Aid live stream to help raise money for out of work comics during the quarantine, and it was a star studded affair STACKED with talent. The biggest star of the night was none other than Adam Sandler, a guy that has had maybe the most success in recent history in the world of comedy. So, it was no surprise that Bert Kreischer was excited to quote unquote meet his biggest comedic hero. 

What was a teensy bit surprising was how much Bert geeked out. It was pretty surprising when he said he was going to watch Sandler's new movie, "Precious" Gems...when he said he was watching Happy Madison (which you would think maybe Bert got mixed up and said the name of Sandler's movie company, but I can assure you, it was not that. He just said the wrong name)...and when he told Sandler that his kids loved him in ACE VENTURA...and when he had a Chris Farley Show moment and asked "You remember that?" about some preposterous story from no less than 30 years ago. Also my personal favorite question "Do you have Netflix?" To be fair Adam Sandler is a quirky dude who always can hit you with the unexpected, but I'm pretty sure the dude who gets like $100 million a year from Netflix has it. 

Now in defense of Bert:

A) I'm almost certain he was absolutely shitfaced, which is, I'd imagine, how 99% of Bert Kreischer's quarantine has gone

2) Bert is maybe the most humble guy in the business. If you've ever listened to his podcast with Segura, 2 Bears 1 Cave, or any of the podcast interviews hes done, the way he talks about the comedy world with such reverence, you can tell he respects the fuck out of all the greats. So down to earth, so hyper aware of those who came before him, and super grateful for his spot in this game. And so I think he was truly, genuinely gassed up to talk to his idol and he just let it get away from him. Like when a super hot chick is actually giving you the time of day and you go to seize the moment and you're running down hill and your legs cant keep up and you eventually just flip head over heels.

d) I am not in ANY position to clown on a guy as successful as Bert is when it comes to anything in the comedy game, and neither are you. So I ain't gonna say shit about it.

But. BUT. If you were so inclined to listen to a few other comics break down Bert's interaction with Adam, it was pretty fucking funny:

PS - Of course Bert is being a good sport about it: