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Couple Names Newborn Twins 'Covid' And 'Corona' Because Apparently Nothing Matters Anymore

From The Indian Express News:

Many people across the globe may shudder at the words 'Covid' and 'Corona'. But not this Chhattisgarh couple which has chosen to name their newborn twins after the pandemic.

Amid the nationwide lockdown, Vinay Verma had to rush his wife Preeti to the Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar Memorial Hospital here, where she gave birth to a boy and a girl.

On why they chose to name their babies after a pandemic....

…she said, “There is a lot of apprehension nowadays regarding COVID-19. We wished to ease the anxiety and fear associated with these words and also make the occasion memorable. So, I and my husband took an instant decision to name our twins Covid (boy) and Corona (girl),” she explained with a smile.

The couple hailing from Uttar Pradesh were gripped with anxiety since none of their relatives could arrive in Raipur at this crucial moment as all trains and other means of transport remain cancelled.

I have a cousin who just had a (BEAUTIFUL!) baby and another who is due any week now and the stress they've been feeling is HIIIIIIGH. The one who just had a baby can't be around her or her husband's family because of distancing & they feel like they're missing so many key moments with the child's grandparents/aunts/uncles (along with some extra help & support). The one who's due soon might not be able to have the doctor she's been seeing, her husband might not be able to be in the room, etc. And yes, I know there's other pressing things going on but for anyone going through it… holy anxietyballs, Batman. 

That being said, I'm not sure you want to commemorate those feelings of fear & uncertainty by having to hear & say the words that caused it for the next 18+ years in your home. 


Hard pass!

Then again there were some pretty popular names during the Oregon Trail era that we might not go crazy for today so who knows. Maybe they're onto something. 

If you've got some time to kill and are maybe now expecting a surprise coronababy about 8.5-ish months from now here's a list of more unfortunate baby names that people actually named their kids…