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The Rock And Stone Cold Steve Austin Met One More Time To Determine The Greatest Wrestler Of All Time

Yesterday was not only day one of Wrestlemania (not bad, btw), but it was the day we determined the Greatest Wrestler of All Time. It was Stone Cold and The Rock, meeting one more time to determine the greatest ever. The result wasn't a surprise to me.

As JR said above "Stone Cold! Stone Cold! Stone Cold!".  Austin won this thing in a romp. Not surprised here, he was obviously one of the favorites coming into this thing and he prevailed. No issue there at all. I was disappointed I didn't get one matchup though. The one matchup I've never seen. Hogan and Austin. In my view, the top two faces on Mount Rushmore. And so, on day one of his reign, I just want to see it. I need to see it. Hogan and Austin. One Time Only.