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Lumberjacked Dad Puts A Hurting On The Beta Boys Complaining About Their Precious Little Planet Fitness Closing

You have to be pumped out of your mind if that's your dad. Why? It settles the greatest playground argument of all time. My dad can beat up your dad. If you start arguing with me about that and then whip out your Iphone 11pro in order to pull up your Instagram account and show me this video, I relent right there and then. 

If your dad is hitting them deep tricep pushdown, those lat pulldowns, and then the strong isolated bicep curls with the Arnold kick-outs, I know for a fact that your dad will make quick work of my candy ass. 

A craftsman. A legend. A smoke show. A dad by which all other dads will be measured because whatcha gonna do when my dad comes ax swinging, tree-weight makin, and log lifting while eating his vitamins and saying his prayers, brother? 22-inch pythons coming faster than Jake the Snake after a night on the town in Charlotte, North Carolina. A legion of Dadamaniacs ready to mollywhoop the tiktok soft boys mirror dancing with their noodle arms, brother. 

I love it. 

Wrestling references and log workouts. That's the old school way. Even Big Time Tommy knows.