Hey Toronto, What The Hell?

OK so am I supposed to believe this is all some sort of coincidence? Before seeing this tweet I never really had a problem with Toronto. Never been, but from what I hear it's a fine city filled with wonderful people. In fact I was rooting for the Raptors during their magical championship run last year. But now I'm wondering how we let this happen. I mean I enjoyed this play as much as the next guy

but not to the point where I would be willing to cancel this year's playoffs just to experience it. Even more reason to be mad at those fraud Sixers and choking Bucks teams. You both had an opportunity to make sure we all had an NBA playoffs this year and you blew it to the point where now we all have to get fake excited for some sort of NBA H-O-R-S-E competition. Thanks a lot.

For those unaware, the 1919 Stanley Cup had to be cancelled because of an outbreak of influenza, and the 1994 World Series never happened because of a strike. I think we can all agree here that unfortunately for Toronto and the fans of those teams, there's no way we as a society can allow you to ever win another championship. Glad you got the basketball one out of the way because it's a wrap for you. Simply not worth giving up sports just so you can hoist a trophy because sadly, you're the biggest jinx of all time. 

I'l be honest, I didn't love starting my day yesterday learning about how the NBA was pessimistic the season would eventually come back and then seeing this tweet last night. At this point how can anyone expect there to be a playoffs/tournament/anything when history tells us once Toronto wins a title they fuck it up for the rest of us. Guess how many NBA Finals were cancelled in league history before this year? Zero. Guess how many NBA titles the Raptors had in their history before this year? Zero. Really makes you think.