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Quarantined With A Backyard? Must Be Nice

It's day whatever of this pandemic and I remain quarantined on the fourth floor of my apartment building with my wife, our dog, and our one-month-old son. Yesterday, it was a sunny day in New Jersey and as usual, I got dressed in my outdoor corona-v gear to take the dog out. When the sun hit my makeshift facemask, I couldn't help but smile behind it. Walking the dog has always been a chore, but it has gotten worse with the added stress of trying to dodge people and the ronies in the elevators. But nowadays, I'm thankful for an excuse to go outside. Then I thought about how much easier this whole thing would be if we were quarantined with a backyard and tweeted the "no shit" epiphany.

Then the replies rolled in:

Balconies and patios aren't bad…

… but backyards are just better.

Reporting from Wyoming:

Don't you just wanna stand out here?

This Vikings fan refuses to experience sunlight or his backyard.

And to all you Parrotheads out there, this backyard screams Margaritaville, no?

I have to give a shoutout to everyone living in apartment buildings during these quarantine times. We're all thinking about things that we used to take for granted before the coronavirus hit the streets, and I'm missing backyards like crazy right now. It might be time to give Netflix a break and actively watch some HGTV today. When this is all over, beware of inviting me to your house party if you have a yard out back; I might get weird in it.