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Pats vs. Seattle is A Superbowl for the Ages



See this is what people don’t get about me and Pats fans in general. People think we’re so cocky. So arrogant. That we always say we’re gonna win no matter what. That we look past teams. That we don’t always respect our opponents. It honestly couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s just that when you’ve been in a million superbowls and a zillion AFC title games you know where you stand. You know what a championship team looks like. That’s why I booked my non refundable trip to Arizona a month and half ago. I knew we were going to Arizona and I was right.

Now having said all that this game is going to be a war. This is the best, most well rounded team we’ve ever played in the Superbowl. They have a great defense. They have a great young QB. They got a great RB. They have no weaknesses. It’s the young guard vs. the old guard to a degree. Brady is going to have to play out of his mind. The offensive line is going to have to protect. Our defensive line needs to be better vs the run. We need to contain Russell Wilson. It’s going to take a total and complete team effort to beat the Seahawks. But the one thing we got that they don’t is Bill Belichick. So I don’t care if we’ve lost our last 2 big games. I’ll never bet against Brady and Belichick in the big game. Not on February 1st 2015 Not ever.  I ride or die with these guys and would have it no other way.

PS –We’re gonna turn Arizona into Boston West. We’re flying out on Monday. All stoolies out there hit us up. If there is anything we need to be doing or making videos of let us know. We got to kick these dumb ass 12th fan kiddies to the curb.  East coast takeover.