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Video: Good News Spring Breakers, Boomers & Churches Are Here To Take The Heat Off Ya

Our ZeroBlog30 social media guy Kyle is on to something here. 

Millennials & Gen Xers are like books trapped by two bookends where one bookend still loves to drink beers from buttcrack luges and the other is still out there crushin' holy wine with reckless abandon. Let us combine forces and flip through our pages of knowledge to find new ways to shame them as they should be. 

I mean... Ok, boomer-lady in Ohio repeatedly saying, "I'm covered in Jesus's blood," is not a great sign under this particular circumstance. Especially as she leaves a service with lots of other people. It's a startling window into how so many are still mind bogglingly (new word?) unaware of how serious this is and that their actions don't just affect them. This seems especially true when it comes to churches like that one. The leaders at these places are hot garbage for convincing their faithful that this is ok. 

MOST churches are doing the right thing and holding off on services while offering online options & helping their communities through safe volunteerism/smaller scale assistance to those in need, but alas... about a dozen states are still allowing churches to remain exempt from stay at home orders, and other churches are just flat-out ignoring them. For example:

Classic Arkansas action for ya (the Governor ordered them to stop yesterday), but not to be outdone by Florida of course:

Some other states still allowing churches to remain open are Delaware, Florida, New Mexico, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania where one pastor is causing quite the stir with his call for a Woodstock-esque Easter service. Owning satan by spreading infection & possibly killing a lot of olds. Badass. 

And lest we forget Texas where even the mistakes are bigger:

Here's a news clip out of Georgia:

A church where a handful of worshippers became sick with the coronavirus is mourning one of its members.

The Church at Liberty Square in Cartersville has since shut down as it tries to stop the spread of the virus.

And Arkansas again:

Nearly three dozen people who attended a recent children's event at a church in Arkansas have tested positive for the coronavirus, according to church officials.

Donald Shipp, a deacon at First Assembly of God church in Greers Ferry, about 75 miles north of Little Rock, told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that 34 people who attended the event in early March at the Cleburne County church had tested positive for the coronavirus, and that an unknown number of others were awaiting test results.

And there's hundreds of other examples where people are still continuing to go in the belief it's the one place they'll be protected from the virus. We knew all the way back in the first weeks of March that hey, maybe that's not the case:

A priest in Washington, D.C., who reportedly gave communion and shook hands with more than 500 people at a church has tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

And back to the boomers before my mindless, poorly flowing blog rambles much farther…. The primary people in a photo from an NYC farmer's market this morning?! Boomers. Boomers wearing their masks wrong if they're wearing any at all. 

Now some might say, "Kate this was a bad blog with no flow and it's not fair to lump all boomers into this. It's only small clumps of selfish olds!" But I'm doing that 'broad, sweeping, knee-jerk generalizations thing' boomers like to do about us and it feels good so let me have it. Please. It's all I've got right now.