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Last Night We Barhopped On Periscope And I Think I Found Our New Favorite Quarantine Past Time

So last night, bored on the couch because we’re all stuck at home with nothing to do, I had an idea. Well actually let me back up. I had the idea a couple days ago when my esteemed colleague Tyler O’Day went live to sing Karaoke to 14 people on twitter. I thought, if I retweet this maybe we can make this a party, and a party it was. Tyler crooned, everyone requested songs, and it was an awesome way to spend 15 minutes away from this hellscape of a world we all occupy now. Because that’s all we’re doing here right? It’s clock running plays until sports come back. I’m all in whatever gets us even 5 minutes closer to normal life being back.

So flash forward to last night when I thought this would be funny to try again. I told everyone we were periscope bar hopping and to stay tuned, as soon as I retweeted a stream we’d all hop in and have a party. Some were awesome, like this dude that was smoking and talking to 5 people when we showed up with a couple thousand.

Some were confused but handled it well all things considered. Tiffany, I swear we weren’t bots and I thought your song was lovely.

Some did not like us. I still would have lunch with Louise if she would ever have us back.

And last but certainly not least, if we ran an art studio, we found our Brandon Walker. Chillin with Chelsea, who handled it like an absolute pro and turned it into a Barstool 101 tutorial with all the people in the periscope. Even betetr, hopefully Chelsea is going to make money off people commissioning her work.

So there you have it, periscope bar hopping. I’ll definitely do this again although I have to keep it random so people can’t predict it because the randomness is what makes it funny. But just some quick rules for everyone going forward.

1. Be Nice – I love the idea of this being an Internet 1.0 type of experiment, you know before all the cynicism and bullshit invaded all of our lives and nothing could just be fun for funs sake. So when we go into a periscope be nice, don’t be an asshole, and if someone is an asshole tell me and Ill block their ass for eternity.

2. See rule 1. I think that’s actually it. I mean we had issues last night with some of the people thinking we were all bots (shout out the one guy who kept commenting “Beep Bop Bop Beeeep” every time we were called bots) but I think that’s unavoidable. So yeah, don’t be an asshole, make this what it should be, a fun little thing where we maybe cheer someone up who broadcasts to absolutely no one night in and night out. One second you’re singing a song to 5 people, next it’s 3,000, that should be a good experience not a bad one, so don’t be a dick. See you at the virtual bars.