Vanessa Bryant Talking About Kobe's Hall Of Fame Announcement Is The Definition Of Strength

What an incredible display of strength from Vanessa and Natalia Bryant. Their lives have been turned upside down and somehow she is not only willing to go on national TV, but handles these interviews with a level of poise I didn't know existed. She very well could have turned down this interview request and nobody would bat an eye. Her and her family don't owe us anything, even on the day Kobe was officially announced as a member of the 2020 Hall Of Fame class. You could feel their hurt watching that short clip and shit, even I got emotional watching it. The family could have just released a statement or something through the Lakers and that would have been fine. To show this type of strength and to go on camera like this is something that I don't know if I could do. That's the Mamba Mentality to the fullest in my opinion. We first saw that during her speech at his memorial

and I have no doubt she'll display this same type of strength as his induction ceremony. 

I also think while they could always say no, maybe the networks should just leave their family alone. Let them grieve. You can see the pain is still fresh in their eyes and probably will be for a while. To have to give interviews and stuff even when it comes to something positive like Kobe's HOF announcement, it just feels like a little much. 

One of the greatest to ever do it and now a first ballot Hall Of Famer. RIP Mamba.