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Today We Will Crown The Greatest Wrestler Of All Time: Rock vs. Austin One More Time

This is it, brother. The final matchup in our tournament, and it's a doozy. In fact, it's one we've seen at three Wrestlemanias. It's The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Now, I did notice some on twitter complaining about this being the final matchup, well, too bad. Did some people use a recency bias? Probably. Did some people vote based on popularity rather than in-ring work? Likely. But that was the beauty of this tournament. I wanted to see what people thought when they were asked "Who is the greatest wrestler of all-time?". This is answering the question and now we get one final question. Is it the "Texas Rattlesnake" or "The People's Champ"? Let's. Do. It.

Championship Matchup

(1) Steve Austin v. (2) The Rock