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Uh Ohhhh: Donald Trump Has Scheduled A Phone Call At Noon With All The Commissioners Of The Major League Sports

Well that doesn't sound good! If this meeting took place at 12:30 or 1 or pretty much any other time, I could see there maybe being a silver lining of hope. But a noon appointment feels like one of those times where you have to meet with your parents and they are already sitting down with a serious look on their face when you arrive and it's not a coincidence that they used to schedule duels for High Noon knowing that some bad shit was about to go down.

At this rate, I'm just mentally cuncelling sports until 2021 at the absolute earliest. The half baked NBA season is donezo, baseball is kaput before it even starts, and even my big beautiful son football is gonna have to sit 2020 out. I hope I'm wrong, but you don't ask a group of heavy hitters like Goodell, Silver, and McMahon getting together like the Five Families for a noon meeting unless it's big and almost definitely bad news.


Also, would it kill the White House just to give us all the phone number to this meeting? I don't care if they put us on Mute or what. But this meeting may be deciding if we get any happiness in our lives over the next year and whatever is said on that call is going to hit Twitter the moment it's spoken. Lets just get this over with so we can start dreaming of sports in 2021 and come to grips with the high water mark for competition in 2020 was during the first two weeks of the year in the Jeopardy GOAT Tournament. This is truly our darkest hour.