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Wake Up With Jessica Alba Refusing To Age On TikTok

As the quarantine moves on I find myself watching movie after movie to pass the time. One of the films I've come across is  The Age of Adaline (high recommend) which stars the magnificent Blake Lively. She plays a woman named Adaline Bowman who is impervious to aging after a freak car accident. She's unable to move passed the age of 29 no matter what she does because of that night. I'm pretty convinced Jessica Alba is Adaline Bowman in real life. That TikTok above was made yesterday. YESTERDAY. You could've told me Alba made that during her college years and I'd believe you 100%. Nope, she's 38 and doesn't look a day older than 22. Seriously it makes zero sense. She's the same person in every picture or video that gets taken. 

I had hair in college just a few years ago. There was no terrible hairline to mock. Five years later it's a catastrophe meanwhile Alba hasn't developed a wrinkle in 38 years. BULLSHIT. 

I hereby announce that I'm launching an investigation into the Alba aging process. We will get to the bottom of this.