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Wake Up With Mick Jagger's Solo Banger "Don't Tear Me Up" Plus Bonus Saturday Song

In between his many Rolling Stones studio albums, Mick has dropped a few solo albums as well. Some have fared better than others, like "Wandering Spirit". That album gave us perhaps Jagger's best solo song in a category he's mastered over his nearly 60-year career as the Stones frontman---the break-up song. Be it a ballad or a rocker, nobody conveys a sense of pained yearning quite like Mick. So enjoy "Don't Tear Me Up".


Here's one of those break-up ballads I alluded to further up, "Memory Motel". It's off the Stones '76 album "Black and Blue", their first one without Mick Taylor and first with Ron Wood. 

It's okay to let it out.


Stay in.

Stay safe.

Steak-umm bless.