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The Quarantine 3 Cone Drill Challenge Results Are In And We Have Controversy Folks!

BIG time controversy in the quarantine challenge today. They clocked me .06 seconds too slow on the field, but the official time clearly had me beating the time of 9.2 with an ever so quick 9.1. Also stirring some backlash is whether I touched the first water jug cone or not. My feet definitely crossed but where my hand touched is in question. Weird angle in my professional opinion. Definitely got there. I'm giving myself a W there and the under hits. If you don't like it, spoon feed your tears into my fat face in the comments you pansy asses. I'm quicker than lightning and stomp the concrete with my 300 pound frame like thunder. I'm a force to be reckon with when it comes to this quarantine challenge shiznit. I'll be back soon, bitches.