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16 Seed Derrick Jones Jr Just Whooped Kevin Durant's Ass In 2K

The 2K Players Tournament is off and running and in a stunning turn of events we have a #16 seed upsetting the #1 seed. If you're out there and you miss March Madness, well eat your heart out. Didn't quite have the same energy as this

but it's all we have right now. Pretty tough look for Kevin Durant to embarrass himself like that as the tournament favorite on national television, I'd be pretty nervous as a Nets fan right now I'll tell ya that much. I didn't really know what to expect when I first tuned in to watch this, part of me was excited but there was this realization that this is for real our life for the foreseeable future and that's all kinds of depressing. I'll say this, I'm going to need a whole lot more trash talk and players shooting the shit for this to truly be entertaining. That's why I'm watching, not to see the actual 2K. I can do that at my house. Hopefully that gets better as the tournament goes on because to me that's where the appeal is. 

I also think it's weird that anyone can just pick any team. You should have to play as the team you're on and then see if you can make it through the bracket. I would find that way more interesting. If I had to guess, there are going to be old people and basketball hardos that hate on this idea. Those people stink. Shame on you for shitting on anything remotely sports related right now. Was this the best thing I've ever seen? No chance. Did it momentarily fill a void of no sports for a few hours? Absolutely. Really at the end of the day that's all that matters here. We're all just looking for something to keep us occupied until I guess it's time to go to bed and do the same thing tomorrow. Just give me more trash talk and communication and I'll keep watching.

But seriously, there's no way David Stern would allow Kevin Durant, a 1 seed, to lose in the opening round. He'd have made a phone call and made sure Durant advanced. Way to go Adam Silver, you blew it.