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The Million Dollar Question – Do The Ravens Make Me Nervous?



Lots of people been asking me this. Am I nervous about today’s game? Is Baltimore in my head? The answer is yes. I’m scared shitless and that’s exactly why I’ve never been more confident in my life. Listen if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times. Anytime I’m nervous about the Patriots or think they may struggle that’s when they are at their best. That’s when they blow the doors off teams. Anytime I get overconfident and truly don’t think there is a shot in hell we lose that’s when we get bit on the ass.

I didn’t think we’d lose to Baltimore 2 years ago. This time I’m worried for all the same reasons everybody else is saying. They aren’t afraid of us. They’ve had success here. They get pressure on Brady. Flacco turns into Montana in the playoffs blah, blah, blah. That’s why everybody and their grandmother is picking the Ravens. I haven’t heard one person say they’d lay the points in this game. Baltimore is the “in vogue” pick for gamblers and fans alike. Everybody saying if one favorite loses this week it’s gonna be us.

Yet despite all this the line is still Pats by 7. Hey guess what? I’ve been around the block enough to know this doesn’t add up. When everybody is picking an underdog to win outright but the line is a full TD that means it’s all smoke and mirrors. People are looking at the past and not these teams as they are constructed right now. That game from 2 years ago is clouding people’s judgement including mine. Last year is the game people should be looking at. When the Ravens needed to beat us to get in the playoffs and we whooped em in their building like 100-0. Those teams are way closer to who will be playing today. We didn’t have a healthy Gronk 2 years ago. They had Ray Lewis,Ed Reed, Anquan Boldin etc. More importantly our defense is better than theirs this year. That’s a total reversal. Browner and Revis has changed the face of our team. I don’t think Flacco has every completed a pass on Darelle Revis in his entire career. Not even exaggerating. Revis owns him. That’s why this line is 7 despite everybody picking Baltimore. The Ravens aren’t very good and we are. Today will prove it.