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Rewatch WrestleMania 14 With Me, Robbie Fox, Nate, Reags, And Other Idiots From Barstool Right Now (WWE Network Is Free This Month)

With everyone live streaming every bit of classic content they can get their hands on, I figured why not live stream the WrestleMania that got me hooked into wrestling again back in the day with Barstool's resident graps expert, Nate Dogg, Reags, and whatever quarantined Barstool bloggers wash ashore? Maybe the stream will evolve into the blogger version of the Royal Rumble.

I don't know if it was coincidence, timing, or a bit of both. But I feel like WrestleMania 14 was the jump off point to get a bunch of people my age back into the squared circle. I mean look at how stacked that card is. Stone Cold and Shawn Michaels with Iron Mike as the ref is obviously a monster headliner. Undertaker vs. Kane squaring off for the first of their 8 zillion matches against each other. Some guy named Rocky Maivia buried in the 4 spot next to the up and coming Hunter Heart Helsmley. Oh yeah and a dumpster match, a 30 man battle royal, and whatever other shit I forgot about.

So if you wanna watch with us, go to, create a free account (you can hit X when it asks for payment method), and hit up our stream at 8:30 that will be updated on this blog or on my Twitter account @TheClemReport

And if you're not down with that, we got two words for ya...