Guys Who Post Selfies Online Are Actually Psycopaths (Science Says That, But I Do Too)

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(Source)Men who shower the Internet with photos of themselves are more likely to have narcissistic and psychopathic traits than guys who don’t share their self images online, new research has found. Those who take the extra step of editing their selfies prior to posting — and by editing, we mean cropping and using filters or picture-editing software — also score high in self-objectification, which means that they prioritize their appearance pretty highly. “Most people don’t think that men even do that sort of thing, but they definitely do,” says lead researcher Jesse Fox, assistant professor of communication at The Ohio State University, about her study, which was published on Jan. 7 in the journal Personality and Individual Differences. The more selfies a man takes, the more he will show traits associated with the Dark Triad (i.e., narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy).



Look I’m not going to ask why this only counts against guys and not girls, that’s of no concern to me. I’m going to avoid finding any negativity because I like what the study says. Guys who take selfies are dangerous sociopaths who will murder you. Stay away from them, ladies! Run! Run right into the arms of guys who don’t really post selfies ever, like me. I don’t refrain from selfie posting because I’m fat and take ugly selfies, I do it because I’m not a dangerous. That’s totally it. It’s not because when I turn open my camera app and accidentally have it reversed I literally gasp at myself, it’s just because I’m not mentally deranged. So please, for your own safety, steer clear of those lunatics with the chiseled jaws and icy blue eyes you see all over your instagram and come see what the water’s like with a normal guy.


PS – The “Dark Triad” is so fucking bad ass. Gonna tell girls that I have all the traits of the Dark Triad tonight. Doesn’t get more mysteriously appealing than that.