Random NBA Twitter Debate Questions Are The Only Thing Keeping Me Going

I dunno about you, but one of the things that has been keeping me somewhat sane during this time without sports is all the random NBA Twitter debate questions we've gotten. I'll take pretty much anything at this point that keeps my brain thinking about sports and so far there have been some pretty good ones that really make you think. I figured since it's Friday and who doesn't love arguing on the internet, I wanted to share a couple that I've come across over the last few days. I'll give you all my answers and if you want to not be lame you can play along in the comments. Ready? 

Let's go

Now this is a lot to take in, that's a shit ton of faces but I don't have too many adjustments. There's really only one blatant disaster and that's having Ben Wallace in Tier 4. That's insulting and I'm not even a Pistons fan. You win a title and 4 DPOYs you are better than Tier 4. I'd probably make him and Dwight both Tier 3 guys. Like if you look at the criteria there's no reason Bosh should be above both those guys.

1. 2016 Cavs title

2. Warriors 73-9

3. MJ Flu Game

4. Kobe's 81

Celtics in 7

Now this is tough. Let's assume both teams get to be 100% healthy because honestly that was the only thing that screwed the 2018 Rockets. The argument is that Thunder team nearly took down the 73 win Warriors, but I'm going 2018 Rockets because that team healthy almost took down the 73 win Warriors PLUS Kevin Durant.

Let's assume this is meant to be everyone in their primes. Not as easy as you think once you really give it some thought. I think I'm leaning Washington. Prime Arenas was a bad man. Now before you call me mean names, Donovan agrees

Hey Anthony Davis, smell ya later

I can understand wanting to give the champs the benefit of the doubt, and this is something that truly would be impacted by who had home court. Raptors basically never lose at home, Heat stink on the road. All I can do is base my decision on how things have gone so far this year and TOR is 0-2 vs MIA so I'm rolling with the Heat.

The only argument you could potentially make is MJ should be both 80s and 90s since he averaged 32 points in the 80s and won 4 scoring titles to Bird's 0 scoring titles and 24 ppg average but I will not make that argument because taking Larry out would probably kill my dad. 

Alright now it's your turn. Run through those 8 and let me know where you stand.