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The Worst Possible Way To Get Coronavirus: "Aerosolized Feces" (Poop In The Air)

THE DAILY MAILThe coronavirus may spread through 'aerosolized faeces' if people leave the lid up when they flush the toilet, according to scientists.

For the majority of our adult lives the predominant bathroom debate has been about wiping: standing up or sitting down?*

But as we quickly found out, Coronavirus had a way of taking everything in our lives, hoisting them up on its shoulders, walking slowly around the ring taunting the crowd, flipping them around mid-air and snapping their backs across its knee. Just absolutely fucked our daily lives in their faces. EVERYTHING is shit, nothing is immune, not even our normal arguments about literal shit. 

The new debate: flush with the toilet lid up or down? And the answer to this one may save your life, because of a little something called "aerosolized feces." 

A study from China has shown the virus can be found in patients' stools because it takes hold in the digestive system in some people.  

Now, an American scientist said one of the 'easiest ways' to prevent more people catching the virus was to avoid creating a 'toilet plume'.

The phenomenon is when faeces or urine particles are stirred up by the flush of water and are released into the air of the bathroom

First thing I did when I saw this wasn't to think of myself, it was to "Share --- > Messages ----> Uncle Chaps."

Considering diarrhoea may be one of the initial symptoms of the coronavirus, it may be worth taking note in order to protect family members.  

But after that, I started to think of my daily poop routine — worryingly, I'm not sure I've ever put the lid down before flushing. I mean do people do that? Office bathrooms don't even have lids. (Jesus, another way America was woefully unprepared for this pandemic. I bet CIA Intelligence has been furiously writing memos about installing workplace toilet lids since like 2014.) But experts say you can reduce your coronavirus chances by EIGHTY PERCENT by putting the lid down. So every poop I've taken through 23 days of quarantine (not that many ladies just a few perfectly normal, solid, healthy bowel movements) I've been completely passing on not just last night's frozen food dinner but also the chance to lower my covid odds by 80%.

Qingyan Chen, an engineer at Purdue University who has studied virus spread through transit ventilation systems, told Forbes there's 'one very easy way to help prevent the spread of coronavirus' - close the lid and then flush.

He said 80 per cent of particles that escape from faecal matter into the air can be prevented this way. 

The release of stool or urine particles into the air from flushing is known as 'toilet plume'.

Because let's be clear: there is absolutely no "good" way to get COVID-19. This terrifying virus that we have no vaccine for and still don't even really understand. But there is a WORST way to get it, and that is from aerosolized feces and urine particles in the air from your diarrhea. That I know for sure about COVID-19. 

*I have no idea why this is the case, it's so fucking weird to imagine anyone standing up on their feet to wipe their ass that I've literally never once opened up one of these blogs. It's a topic I have no interest in being open-minded about.