WHOA: The Bulls Actually Started Searching For Someone To Replace GarPax


I'm floored.

Like absolutely floored. The rumblings started All-Star weekend that this was going to happen, but every single person in Chicago was convinced that this was going to be halted because of the pandemic. Like it was going to be so typical Bulls that they were going to pull the trigger on something only for a national crisis to happen so they decided to swerve on the original plan and stick with the status quo.

I don't have much of an opinion on who they hire at the moment, but needless to say the change will be EXTREMELY welcomed. There are still obviously concerns that this person won't be really calling the shots and it will still be the same bozos at the top, but for once I'm going to try and *gulps* have faith in Jerry Reinsdorf. It's been a shit show for far too long. Attendance is down and nobody gives a fuck about this team. Shit has to change and I hope that realization has finally come.

Bring Back The Bulls!!!!