How In The Fuck Did Kylo Ren Just Close All These Cabinets?

18 days of quarantine and we've already got the LucasFilm special fx crew on notice. Probably scared shitless watching this guy annihilate them with a tripod for his iPhone 11. Probably even more scared because Clone Wars 7.7 absolutely sucked today. But I'll leave that to the LCB crew. For now I would like to accomplish 2 things: (1) we all agree that was the most bad ass rendition of the In The Air Tonight drum solo since corona hit. 


Thank you. 

And (2) How does he do it? 43 watches in and I have no idea. I'm looking for hidden hands, strings in the light, an errant broomstick, etc. and I got NOTHIN. Zilch. Zero. Any and all reasonable interpretations, please make your way to the equally reasonable and now available comment section. 

PS - Barstool Chicago is on Sirius radio again today at 2pm central to close things out for the week. If you don't have Sirius, you can get 3 free months here


PPS - seriously though how the fuck did he do that?