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I Just Saw My First Long Jump Skiing Crash And It Was Everything I Hoped For And More


First of all (and, I guess, most importantly to those with a heart) this guy just has a concussion so feel free to laugh. Second of all, I have ALWAYS wanted to see one of these. Every Olympics I watch the long jump hoping to see a crash but I’m left disappointed every single time. It’s incredible. Guys fly 500 feet then just glide away like it was nothing. Well not today! Today you died and it was laugh out loud funny. Ohhh I’m flying! Honey, take a good picture! I’m dead! Dragged his face so far that he probably looks like Harvey Dent now but whatever, if you want to keep your face don’t be a long jumper.




PS – I just looked up other accidents to make sure I’m not crazy having never seen it. This one is INSANE. People just dying then getting their limp body’s dragged off.