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Somebody Messed Up And Showed Me How To Make Custom Zoom Backgrounds

Last night around 9pm I returned to my laptop and sat in my generic large chair in my nondescript bedroom to catch up on a little work. All the days have started bleeding together and I'm sure most people are getting a little stir crazy being at home for so long. All of a sudden, my computer was getting a Zoom call from none other than HQ Spider. I consider Spider a pal, so of course I answered. Turns out he was (virtually) with a completely random assortment of Barstool employees and saw I was online so wanted to say hey and check in on me. What a great guy! It was fun to catch up with some buddies, but one of them in particular caught my eye. Tommy Smokes had a custom background on his screen with what appeared to be a friend of his making a funny face along side him. I asked how he was able to do that over Zoom, which is a virtual meeting platform that has spiked in popularity with everybody self-quarantining. He gave me the instructions on how to do it and to say I was extremely giddy would be a massive understatement. 

The possibilities are literally endless! The only bad part of finding this all out last night, was it was just before my bed time. 

I woke up in the morning full of ideas, so I decided to get to work and make a top five list:

I posted them all, but got some feedback that there wasn't a Bucs helmet in Schefter's bookcase. So I used my very amateur photo editing skills and got back in the lab:

While I had already made a top five, my mind was just racing with other ideas. You probably wouldn't believe it, but the rest of these combined only took 10 minutes to make!

I thought I was really something, then Barstool Nate sent me this:

Clear my schedule for the weekend! I gotta get back in Adam Schefter's my office to get some work custom Zoom backgrounds done.

Want to make your own sweet Zoom background? I made an easily 19 second tutorial on how to do so here: