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Who Would Be The WORST Movie Character To Quarantine With?

Hopefully, everyone's quarantine partner is not driving them too crazy. If you're alone, hopefully you're not driving yourself crazy, it does mean you can go to the bathroom with the door open... so that's nice.

Anyway, imagine if fucking Fat Bastard was your roommate during quarantine?


There would be absolutely zero upsides with this turd living in the same space as you. He'd smell it up, eat all your food and rip farts left and right. The Lights Camera Barstool Audience got it right picking him as the absolute worst person to quarantine with.

Speaking of smelling bad, how about everyone's favorite old person fraud?

This one speaks for itself. Joe stinks, complains and freeloads his way through life. Let's not put it past his fellow comrades in the bed, though, if Joe is hiding his ability to be active in bed, I imagine at least one of them is keeping guard of the same secret.

Keeping it going in the stench category, the Klumps might be a good pick, but what about the Fatties from the trailers before 'Tropic Thunder'?

(I might watch 'Tropic Thunder' tonight after seeing this… the fake trailers before the movie were true works of art)

Moving on to another category, how about disgustingly horny quarantine partners? Take out the blacklight if you have to live with fucking Steve Stifler for months on end…


…and don't forget that horny weirdo pervert Christian Grey.

(in lieu of a 'Fifty Shades' clip, let's just watch the painfully awkward chemistry between Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson)

Ah… Al Pacino in 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' voice "What a franchise!"

Imagine having to live with the biggest food narc of all time Morgan Spurlock?

This fucking guy… Just let people be fat! Let them enjoy the Super Size fry! He would sit inside your apartment all day going "you sure you wanna eat that?" No judgment zone in the quarantine times and Spurlock would hound you endlessly. Just listen to Big Cat here…


Quick reminder that Spurlock got the Super Size Fry banned and then thought it qualified him to go hunt for Osama Bin Laden…

Lastly, Trillballins offered up my favorite choice: the Mi Scusi guy from 'Eurotrip'.

The perfect amount of creepy to absolutely ruin your life!

What movie character would be the WORST to quarantine with alone? Let us know below and you can also listen to our latest episode of Lights, Camera, Barstool where we broke it all down…