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Confessions From Girls Who Like It Rough

I broke up with a  guy once because he refused to try out the sex swing I bought


I scratched up my boyfriend's back so  bad during sex that we have to take a break  until it heals


My boyfriend and I broke the bed. We just fell right through and landed on the floor... I was still on top  of him


I used my new whip last night & I love that the marks I made on him will soon become scars


I dislocated my boyfriend's shoulder one night during rough sex


The only reason I'm growing out my nails is so that I can leave scratch marks on my boyfriend when we have sex.


I want to tell my husband that I like it rough. I like to be in pain but I'm afraid he will think less of me


One time I bit a guy during sex  and he said he didn't like it rough. I told him to go home.


My boyfriend and I broke the wall going into his neighbors apartment , while having sex.


my boyfriend doesn't pull my hair enough. I wish he was rougher


I want to be roughed up and manhandled during sex. I want it to be intense...I'm not a glass doll


I'm a biter and every guy I've been with I've left a mark... They never notice until the next day, after I'm long gone.


I like being choked during sex. Not hard enough for me to pass out but just enough that I can barely breathe. It's a huge turn on.


I love getting bruises after sex if I don't have bruises then the sex wasn't rough enough




Ok not gonna lie, chick with the bruises made me a little uncomfortable.  Take it easy 50 Shades, sex is supposed to fun and feel good, and you look like you were just involved in a 35 car pile up on the highway.  Everyone else I can get down with though, nothing wrong with getting a little freaky.  Got to keep things interesting in the bedroom and if that involves broken bones, dislocations and multiple abrasions so be it.


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