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Turns Out IG Superstar Nataagataa Is A COD Prodigy And We May Be Getting Married

So yesterday the General & I were joined by the wonderful Natalia Garibotto (@Nataagataa) on IG for a couple games of Warzone. We started out real slow with the General of course being horrible at the game & blaming his mishaps on me before we really gelled as a team. Once we were about an hour or 2 into it something special happened. We WON a game. My first ever Warzone dub. Natalia's 4th. Smitty's whatever (I don't really care about him since he was of course dead while we won & he had 2 kills while me and Natalia each had 5 but that's neither here nor there). It was a fantastic moment. 

Me and the General are hopping on with WSD right now to get some more Dub's. #2 on deck. Can't wait.