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Very Odd Couple Uses Blank Cardboard Cutouts Of "Friends & Family" To Fill Church Wedding

To be honest, my other job is photography, I shoot A LOT of weddings, and this whole Coronavirus thing is really fucking with my bank account right now, as in I'm applying for every small business loan program I can. Couples are postponing left and right to later dates, and every ounce of my soul wants to take their deposits and run, which is normally what happens when a wedding date is changed or cancelled, but I simply cannot do that, mainly for fear of the social media repercussions of some bride soiling my good name, but also because this shit sucks and everyone is suffering, so fuck it, let's share some financial misery!

However, I would like to submit to all couples out there this fantastic, and TOTALLY NOT VERY WEIRD AT ALL, idea this couple from Michigan had. You see when Amy & Dan found out that the Coronavirus crowd restrictions would mean that no guests would be able to attend their wedding, they said "fuck it" and went through with it anyway. However, as Dan puts it “I wanted to do something so she wouldn’t walk down the aisle to an empty church,”  So he went to the Menasha Packaging Company and told them about his cooky idea to cut out life size people to place in the pews, and they LOVED IT! Cutting out 100 cardboard family and friends place holders so Amy wouldn't feel weird, all at no charge. ARTICLE

Just look at that happy couple, it's pretty much the exact same thing as real people, even better actually because cardboard cutouts can't hold up phones to take shitty videos and pictures they will never use or share, but only take because they feel they have to and everyone else is.  EVERYONE USE #AMYGOTSTUGLICKED ON INSTAGRAM!!

However not everyone shared in Amy & Dan's joy, twitter is a mean place…

Screw the naysayers though, I suggest that ALL couples out there forgo all their dreams of a big beautiful wedding with their friends and family there to celebrate and go ahead with something like this… not crazy at all idea…very normal!!

Congrats to Amy and Dan & Have Great Fucking Day!