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Minnesota Wild Head Coach Mike Yeo Goes Bananas At Practice (That's What The Internet Wants You To Think, It's Actually Pretty Tame)





We’ve gotten this video emailed and tweeted at us like 100 times in the last 20 minutes. Everyone seems to think that Yeo loses his mind here or something? He slams his stick and then talks for a bit. Have the people who are taken aback by this ever played a sport for one second? I’m not even trying to sound like a tough guy, that was just very, very tame. I guess he breaks his stick at the end but a hockey coach breaking his stick is like a baseball manager slamming his cap, you just do it because it’s there. Definitely doesn’t count as a meltdown. But, with as many times as this has been sent we had to post it. There you go.




PS – The fact that Yeo isn’t even a little bit Asian always surprises me. Doesn’t matter how many times I hear his name, as soon as they show his face I’m shocked to be looking at a white guy.