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Breaking News: Instagram Deleted My Calvin Klein Video Ad Because It Was Too Sexual #BreakTheInternet




What the fuck Instagram?  You really deleted my Calvin Klein video?  Really?  I’ve been on Instagram for 3 years.   I’ve never had anything deleted or any warnings and you delete that?  Why?  Too sexual for you?  Too much man? Too big of a bulge?  Too many girls leaking?  You didn’t delete Biebers video.  Only mine.   Luckily for us it was also posted on the Barstool Sports Instagram account.    That’s the thing about me.  I’m not just a pretty face.  I always have a backup plan.  I knew it may have been too intense.  Too graphic for you pansies.  You can’t stop me from bringing the sex.   Nobody can. Here you go ladies. The only thing that makes chicks hornier than raw sex appeal is banned raw sex appeal. Enjoy.