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89-Year-Old F1 Mogul Bernie Ecclestone is About to Be a Dad Again

Source - Formula 1 racing mogul Bernie Ecclestone is gonna be a dad ... AGAIN!

Oh, and did we mention he's 89 years old? ...

Bernie's 44-year-old wife, Fabiana Flosi, is with child, the racing tycoon confirmed to a Swiss media outlet.

"Yes, it is due in the summer," Ecclestone told Blick ... "Hopefully he'll learn to play backgammon soon!" ...

Ecclestone already has 3 children -- 65-year-old Deborah, 35-year-old Tamara and 31-year-old Petra.

Bernie met his wife Fabiana in 2009. They married in 2012.

Bernie Ecclestone. 89 years old and still firing live ammo.


To put that in perspective, Bernie was born the same year as Mickey Mouse and Scotch tape. Traffic lights were still a new thing when was he a kid. And he was eight before the ballpoint pen was invented. But he's still slipping the puck past the goalie. 

Seriously, this might be the most impressive feat of manhood I've ever witnessed. I just naturally assumed that a guy's body would start making boy butter with skim milk - if you get my meaning - eventually. Certainly well before you hit 90. And maybe that's the case for most men, but not my boy Ecclestone. To his mighty testicles, age is just a number. His powerful swimmers still come out of his urethral glands like laser-guided missiles, targeted to destroy the nearest unfertilized egg. And attack it with the destructive force of the Hindenburg that exploded when he was seven. 

Now let us take look at the mother-to-be who's been feelin' the Bern.


Very nice. I have no doubt Fabiana has been called a MILF every day of her life for the last 10 years or so. And now that she's on the nest, it's going to be literally true. And I couldn't be happier for her. She and Bernie have a wonderful future ahead of them. Taking their boy to school together. Watching his soccer games. Going to his graduation. Dancing together at his wedding. As a father myself, I can honestly say I envy the couples who are bringing a new child into the world because I know all the joys that lie ahead for them, now and for many, many years to come. 

On side note, I'm asking a semi-serious question. Is old sperm the same as young sperm? I mean, I'm no biologist, but is this kid going to be like 12 years old when he's born? Just clean him up, throw some clothes on him and send him off to sixth grade? I hope so for Fabiana's sake because it's got to be miserable to have two sets of diapers to change.