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A Quick Note About Why I Posted the France Terrorist Video This Morning



My first blog of the day today was the video of the terrorist attack in France. Just gruesome, disturbing, disgusting footage. A bunch of Stoolies chirped at me saying I shouldn’t have posted it because it graphically showed the execution of an injured cop. It’s certainly a fair point. But I didn’t just post it for the hell of it or for shock value. I honestly think it’s something everybody should see. Why? Because of all the coddling of Terrorists lately. That they somehow deserve basic human rights. That they deserve the right to fair trials. That they should be treated like humans. That you can’t torture them. I want all the people who could ever possibly think terrorists deserve any sympathy or protection to see videos like these. This is who we are dealing with. Sub human savages. If you defend terrorists or hold signs for them or say it’s Government conspiracies I think you should be locked up for life. It’s one thing to hear about terrorism and the horror of it all, but nothing drives it home like seeing it. That’s why I posted the video.