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Joe Exotic Has Been Moved To A Prison Medical Center After Coronavirus Isolation

Clem blogged it earlier, but the situation with Joe Exotic potentially contracting Coronavirus has progressed. 

SOURCE-Joseph Maldonado-Passage, the star of "Tiger King" better known as Joe Exotic, has been transferred to a prison medical center.

The transfer comes after Maldonado-Passage was put in "a COVID-19 isolation," as his husband Dillon Passage put it, because he was possibly exposed during a stay at a different prison.

The New York Post has obtained the prison records that indicate Maldonado-Passage has been moved to the Federal Medical Center Forth Worth operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Who knows if this is just precautionary, but if it's not and Joe Exotic actually has corona? Time to unplug the simulation and start it over again. The simulation we are currently living in has coding issues or whatever they put in the simulation to keep us sheep distracted. 

Who gave Joe Exotic Corona? Suspect #1 in my book:

P.s. Saw this tweet earlier today and wanted to say this was one of the most underrated parts of the entire docu-series: