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Wake Up With The New Age Outlaws Entrance And Intro

WHAT. AN. ENTRANCE. I came up with the idea of waking up with the New Age Outlaws because I fondly remembered just how electric the Road Dogg Jessie James and Bad Ass Billy Gunn were when they entered the square circle for combat. But holy shit, everything about that video blew me away. Not just the Road Dogg's showmanship or Billy Gunn's beautiful buttocks. But everything happening outside of the official tag team of DX. The casual doggystyle references, Jerry Lawler talking about shiznit, and everyone in the crowd, including someone's grandma, reciting every word the New Age Outlaws would say.

God dammit I miss the early 2000s. Lets all make a pact to go back to a time like this where everyone had fun and didn't get offended about every little thing once this bullshit ends. Because this is mankind at its absolute zenith.