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Quick Breakdown Of All The Newest Blackhawks Signings


Matthew Highmore, 2 Years $750k

A fine depth player. A decent 4th line option. Ideally not an every day NHL player, but a fine guy to have on the roster. 750 isn't bad, but it's probably a slight over-pay. He's a legal minimum type guy. 

Kevin Lankinen, Goalie, 2 Year $800,000

Not sure what this means for Delia going forward. It felt like Delia was next in line to be the backup, but now they both have two years left on their deals so maybe it's an open competition going forward. I assume the Hawks will sign Crawford and probably a veteran backup. So maybe this is all about nothing. I don't feel comfortable with either of them being the primary backup option to a 36 year-old Corey Crawfor though. 

Evan Barratt, 3 Year ELC, $870k

I am VERY excited to have Barratt in the mix. Probably a bottom 6 future if the Hawks are good. Plays hard, plays with energy, can play wing or center, and he has produced a shit ton at the college level. He could end up being a like a hybrid between Andrew Shaw and Kris Versteeg. That'd be a hell of a player. 

Andrei Altybarkanryan. 2 Years, $817K

I don't know anything about this guy, including how to spell his name. He was a 3rd round pick in 2017 and he's been Russia ever since. Zero numbers of note. I kind of hope he stinks. I don't want learn anything about this guy. 

Ian Mitchell…UNSIGNED

The only guy we actually care about signing has not signed. I think he's just waiting to see what happens with the NHL season because of the people who signed he's the only prospect with a legit chance to come up and see enough NHL time actually burn a year off of his entry deal. Hopefully things don't play out in a way that leads to him being incentivized to stay for his senior year at DU and then walk as a free agent.