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Not to Worry, Science's Relentless Pursuit of the Perfect the Sex Robot Continues Unabated

Source - A sex robot factory has flaunted its most futuristic doll yet in a giveaway competition. 

RealDoll promise its most "technologically advanced artificial intelligence (AI) driven" customisable sex robot yet.

t said it is also giving away a trip to its California headquarters along with two nights in a hotel.

A statement on Instagram read: "We’re holding the grand daddy master of all giveaways.

"First place is your very own Realdollx free. Second place is a paid trip for two out to our studios, two nights in a hotel, and $500 in fun money." ...

A RealDoll rep, who uses the alias Brick Dollbanger, told Daily Star Online that the factory is currently shut.

But it is likely the company, also known as Abyss, will be able to deliver the doll and host the trip after the coronavirus lockdown.

I think we all, to some extent, make the mistake of thinking that all our best and brightest scientific minds are putting all their efforts into treating Covid-19 patients, working on better Personal Protective Equipment or developing a vaccine. But man cannot live by disease prevention alone. If we're ever going to make it out of this mess, we need something to live for.

So enter the good people at RealDoll. Thanks to the tireless work of women and men like Brick Dollbanger, we don't have to worry about a post-pandemic world without sexbots. Their factory may be shut down temporarily, but the effort to make the perfect sex doll of tomorrow goes on as before. Their vision will not be deterred by a little thing like a worldwide pandemic. 

If you've dreamed of a future where you can avoid all human contact and get your orgasms from an unthinking, unfeeling latex-covered machine programmed to simulate behavior. well then brother, keep on dreaming. Your day is coming and so will you be. 

Robot sex is no longer just the stuff you'd see in an EPCOT ride talking about some far off, Sci-Fi future. It's almost here. Soon the days of real biological interaction will be something for the Natural History museums and boring theme park rides. And lonely, introverted shut-ins will be the norm, not subjects of societal rejection and ridicule. 

So thanks to Abyss and your fine employees like Mr. Dollbanger. When we're all dumping our DNA into safe, virus free robot parts, we'll have you to thank for it.