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Bradley Cooper Plays The Meanest Air Guitar You've Ever Seen... Until You've Seen Me, That Is

I saw this around a few times before I even bothered watching it. “How good can he possibly be,” I thought. “I’m sure it’s everyone just sucking his dick because he’s Bradley Cooper,” I presumed. Boy was I wrong. That was incredible. Actually, it was more impressive than actual guitar play if we’re gonna keep it one hundred. Before I watched I had planned on making my own air guitar video and being like “see anyone can do it you idiots” but now I’m just going to sit silently in my chair. I’m Poppa Doc. There’s nothing I can say, no fake guitar chords I can strum, that would ever equal up to that. Cooper just smashed it.

Oh wait, never mind… #CRUSHEDIT. Suck on that, Sack.