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The Governor Of Georgia Made A Big Coronavirus Goof But His Sign Language Specialist Could GET IT

If you haven't been living under an absolute rock, you know more about coronavirus than the Governor of Georgia. Pretty cool. Just a dude who should probably know just the basics of a pandemic-causing virus, but alas, he goofed. People have been dragging him about for the better part of a day so I won't do that. That's not my job. 

My job is to point your beautiful eyes to the gentlefellow behind the governor's shoulder. Hammer don't hurt em. Honest to god, that's what I wanna look like when I get old. Just a beautiful silver beard shining in the sun whilst I am wearing all black which would also show that my beard dandruff is gone. That'd be sick. I could finely groom my beard into the perfect shape and help people without ears. If that's what I do in duel retirement (Barstool and the Marine Corps), my life of helping people would be complete. I wonder when I would find the time to learn a new language. Oh well. Im glad I did. It feels good to help. 

Anyway, another passion of mine is teaching. Here's a couple gifs you can learn to communicate with me without words.